Installing the VPN Client on MacOS

Installing Tunnelblick on MacOS after purchasing your login credentials is very easy and quick thanks to our tutorial. Follow the steps below to connect your computer to our VPN servers.

Download VPN client here


image VPN france

  • Click on the downloaded file
  • If Mac asks for confirmation, click Open
  • Then click on the TunnelBlick icon to install Tunnelblick

  • STAGE 2:

    image VPN france

  • In order to start the installation you must enter your Mac credentials
  • WARNING: You must not enter your FRENCH VPN identifiers.

  • STAGE 3:

    image VPN france

  • Click Exit button
  • We will install the configuration files in the next step.

  • STAGE 4:

  • Completely close the TunnelBlick software (right-click on the TunnelBlick icon near the hour and then Exit).
  • Unzip the archive into a directory of your choice, select all the ovpn files and right-click Open.

  • STAGE 5:

    image VPN france

  • Check Apply to All
  • Click on Me Only

  • STAGE 6:

    image VPN france

  • In order to start secure files, you must specify your Mac credentials

  • STAGE 7:

  • Right-click on the TunnelBlick icon next to the time.
  • Choose the server of your choice

  • STAGE 8:

    image VPN france

  • Login complete !