Who are we ?

VPN FRANCE is a small service provider based in France. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions on the protection of personal data in order to guarantee everyone's privacy. The servers are based on OpenVPN / TOR technology and Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, etc. Each server is legally independent of the head office, we are not the owners but renters of the servers.

VPN FRANCE servers are capable of providing bandwidth from 2Gb/s to 4Gb/s, in the future we will provide a certain number of servers compared to the number of customers who will participate in the evolution of this project by subscribing to a subscription and will have advantages. Our company favours service quality over quantity. Unlike some of our competitors, our servers are able to pass through the TOR network from your favorite browser or other program, it is painless for users, moreover, our encryption technique is very sophisticated.

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The use of our service is intended for classic web browsing and our third-party providers have the same objective as us regarding your privacy. In order to carry out this project, measures were imposed, notably on our servers that do not keep any logs or records of your web browsing so that our service providers or even companies outside our concept could not collect your data without your knowledge and use it as a commercial tool or database. Our main aim is to protect you from start to finish and guarantee the quality of the service.

FRENCH VPN is first and foremost attached to this famous phrase from vpn france. Edward Snowden very powerful :
To say that your right to privacy doesn't matter, because you have nothing to hide is like saying that your freedom of expression doesn't matter, because you have nothing to say. Because even if you don't use your rights today, others need them. That is like saying: I am not interested in others.

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This sentence raises an important question, whether mass surveillance should be accepted, whether states should gradually withdraw the right to privacy and whether this neutralisation of individual rights should be accepted as something normal. VPN FRANCE believes that no, it is important that each individual can benefit from his little garden of Eden, not because he has something to hide, but because it is a right.